Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Complete Package

The Sydney Independent Theatre Company present the world premiere of a new Australian play The Complete Package by Robert Allan.
The Sydney Independent Theatre Company are a new company operating out from 8A/32-60 Alice Street Newtown, it is a brand new space and is a work in progress! The Complete Package is the company's first production. They have been workshopping the show over the past three months and then went into rehearsals with the cast and director Julie Baz for the past month.  It was a brave move, new play, new company and a new space.  It could easily have been a complete disaster but after seeing the show if this one is anything to go by I can't wait for the next one.
The Complete Package is a very moving tale of Joshua (Tennessee Baz-Jeffrey) a ten year old boy in foster care. The writer Robert Allan touches on a number of topics throughout the play from the mundane office politics to the breakdown in communication between the characters and the social services department and common prejudices and believes to foster care. 

Georgie (Lana Kershaw) has been caring for Joshua all his life, she is struggling as a single mum and Joshua is not the easiest child to handle but she does what she can and is about to take him on the Pacific Jewel, which is one of Joshua's dreams. Rhonda (Cherilyn Price) has been a social worker for 30 years. She has been there, done that and seen it all. Her boss has recently died and has been replaced by the Ryan who typically has to hold a meeting even if there is nothing to discuss. He is obsessed with getting rid of a chair as much as Rhonda is obsessed in keeping it. The scenes in the office are very amusing, I am sure it will remind you of times at work and had the feel of the BBC show The Office. 
Georgie feels that she is about to make Joshua truly happy when Rhonda breaks the news that he might have a father. Damien (David Jeffrey) is currently in prison when he learns from his father Jonno (Roger Adam Smith) that he might have a son. The motives of Damien and Jonno are very suspicious and as the play evolves you learn more of their past and you begin to realise the horror which could ensue. 
This is a great first production, it makes for compelling watching, it is topical, funny and very moving. Well done Sydney Independent Theatre Company, what's next?

This production is showing until 22 October, so book now!

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